Love is for dummies …. well i guess i’m one …

Once upon a time a girl who was so lonely, searched on internet something to stop thinking of this loneliness. Then she just remembered that her brother told her about a website where he was, and where he could search for some love or friends.

Then the girl decided, just for fun, to subscribe to it. She received a lot (well maybe not so many) of invitations from guys asking her if she will agree to discuss with them. Obviously she agreed, she wanted to meet some other guys because she didn’t have so much free time to go out and see the sun.

After few days (around 3 or 4 if I remember well) she saw a boy that had visited her profile on the website. So she read his description and then the magic appeared. She laugh so much that she decided to add him before he even asks. The boy, of course, texted her so that they could know each other. According to the girl, he was one of the most funny et nice guy she ever met on internet.

So they decided to really meet (IRL guys ! yep dating still exists even if you go out of your home). They went to drink a Bubble tea (gosh that’s so delicious ! you should try) and talked a lot. So much that they didn’t want to say goodbye at the end of the day, it was love at first sight.

Also they decided to see each other again, and they couldn’t help to hold hands and to officially kiss in front of other people.
Now it’s been 8months that they are dating and they still seem really in love.
Let’s hope that their love would not end !